A Fresh Tocoma

Now I know I have been doing a lot of Toyota posts, but I am now in a tiny truck phase, and Toyota is updating the very outdated Tacoma. In this redesign Toyota has made the exterior much more modern and aggressive. They are also making the interior nicer, witch is great for most Tacoma fans. The interior used to be simple cheap, and not very well played out, but now with the redesign it will be better, and hopefully not all hard plastic. If you want to explore the 2016 Toyota Tacoma you can click on the link to Toyota’s website, and see pictures, and descriptions.


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The Toyota 4runner in Cosmic carz Very Long Term Test is holding up well and I thought it would be good to talk about the infotainment system, [basically the iPad in the dashboard.] The Entune App Suite as they call it is not very hard to use, and has some nice features, including Sirius XM, HD radio with traffic, and weather alerts. Now in order to have them for more then the free trial you need to pay for it, but it is nice to be able to see the traffic up the road. With the Bluetooth you can stream music from your phone, use the voice recognition system, and even text back by choosing from set messages while you are driving. And that does not seem like a very good idea, but I have not heard of anybody crashing while using that system yet. Another trouble I have is you can not do certain things on the touch screen from the  driver or passenger seat, when the car is in motion, that is for safety, but can be annoying. Especially when you are being a safe passenger, and are searching up you destination when using the navigation. Now on a positive note the home setup can be customized to be very good, overall everything is well placed, easy to learn, and use.

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The 4WD runner


The 2015 4runner is a great off road SUV that has a very nice interior. The 4runner for this Extreme long term test is a SR5 premium, with leather and a sunroof. Whats nice about the sunroof is it really opens up the car and gets you closer to nature, and the 4runners opening back window is very rare, and nice. When you are driving or riding in this thing you car you will quickly notice the nice interior with lots of soft touch surfaces. The SUV is very roomy and has plenty room for kids in the third row, and tall adults in the second row. Over all I an very pleased with the 4runner so far. Stay tuned to Cosmic carz for updates on the 4runner.

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1941 Pymoth Special Delue With Odd Police Spotlight

Featured imageFeatured image

I recently saw a 1941 Plymouth  Special Deluxe and I thought it was cool, soI posted some pictures of it. This Plymouth was a little shabby, but I am pretty sure this was the last one of the line before WWI, and its not to bad for 74 years old and no restoration. Its been siting on blocks for twenty or so years, and it really needs a lot of work, but it is a nice old history filled car. Its probably been through a lot.


It has an weird spotlight that is just like the ones on police cars, so maybe it was a detective car. The only thing about that is this car was bought brand new and then passed down thorough the family. What I am thinking is it was made to be a police car but then sold to the public, or maybe it was some sort of option. Correct me if I am wrong or you have an Idea of why/how there is a spotlight.


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