Mazda 3-COTW

31    The 2016 Mazda Three is the kind of car that just makes you happy when you sit in it. Even before you get inside the beautiful interior, that would almost pass off as that of a luxury car, you are greeted by the familiar Mazda front end. Continue reading “Mazda 3-COTW”


Subaru XV Crosstrek-COTW

DSC00331I recently had a chance to ride around in the 2016 Subaru XV Crosstrek, and it is basically an Impresa hatchback that has been lifted up some, and has some touches that make the exterior look more off road worthy. For use as a daily driver the Crosstrek does well with its high driving position, roomy back seat, and the winter capability of Subaru’s All Wheel Drive. It can be a little underpowered for some, but it is available with a hybrid version, that has added horse power. Continue reading “Subaru XV Crosstrek-COTW”

2017 Acadia-COTW

Acadia 2017 terain

The GMC Acadia is a Large crossover that competes with the Honda Pilot, Dodge Durango, Ford Explorer, Toyota highlander and more. It got a major and much needed overall. The old one is very outdated, and I am very happy they are giving the Acadia some new life. The inside has gotten a more comfortable feel with less plastic. Exterior wise it is brand new car, the designers modernized it, they got rid of the old boxy headlights and chunky style. It is not only substantially smaller than the previous model it is also 700 pounds lighter. With the weight loss they have been able to add a four cylinder 2.5-liter engine. I don’t know if it will be zippy, but the Toyota highlander has a 2.7 in the base model, and it seems to work out for them.

The new Acadia will come in three trim lines, the SLT, fancy Denali, and the new All-Terrain. The All-Terrain comes with only two rows and a “unique sporty and stealthy appearance.” Personally I don’t think it is very stealthy at all, but it does come in black, (if that makes it any stealthier.)

The Acadia also comes with a neat safety feature called the Surround vision camera, which is four cameras that give you the ability to see all of the things surrounding your car. I think it is a nice feature because it’s great for parking, and reducing your blind spot. Some other safety features include lane keep assist, front park assist, pedestrian detection, and Intellibeam. I like Intellibeam because it turns off your high beam lights, according to the traffic around you. I don’t know how well that will work, but I really think it’s a great idea.


Engine-A 2.7 four cylinder or a 3.6 V-6

Transmission-Six speed automatic

Drivetrain-You can get front wheel drive or the new AWD system that is supposed to be able to take on the dirt roads very well.


+More up to date, new safety features, and a better interior.

-The all-terrain does not have 4WD

=A fresh Acadia that we will have to wait to see how good it really is.


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Here is the link to GMCs website for pictures, some more tidbits:

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