The Guy Who Thinks He’s Big


But he’s really not that big, just chubby at least that’s what the Tahoe looks like. There is a link below to more pictures of the Tahoe, click on it to see how chubby it is. The 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe, I recently spent ten days with this SUV,and I have formatted my opinion about it. My opinion probably would be it would be a great SUV, if the designers used a little more common sense when thinking out this car.;_ylt=A0LEVv3evctVuzYAi9EnnIlQ?p=2015+chevy+tahoe&fr=yhs-mozilla-002&fr2=piv-web&hspart=mozilla&hsimp=yhs-002

The Tahoe might need some common sense, but it has a very upscale FEELING to the interior. With a surprising amount of squishy surfaces, and even a soft touch dash board, that’s not commonly found in Chevy’s. Bellow the dashboard i found the big touch screen to be very challenging to use, and way to complicated. The navigation system was very hard to operate, but I am sure that if anybody could have the Tahoe for a linger time they would be able to figure it out. Inside the Tahoe also has heated front seats, from the LT trim level and above, witch is very nice, but expected in its class.

As far as its off roadyness, this chubby guy can easily handle almost any country road, as long as you get the four wheel drive option of coarse. On that dirt road while it might be a little bit bumpy, the 5.3 liter V8 will get you to point B. The engine definitely puts a little push into the pedal if you know what I mean. When you get your destination that’s when it all goes south. If you want to get your things out of the trunk then you have to hit the key fob, instead of just opening the trunk, and when it open’s you have to wait for the slow electric opener to open it. When its open It it is-int even tall enough for somebody who is six and a half feet to get stuff out of the trunk without ducking.

Well over all what do I think about the Tahoe? Its a good looking, big people mover, that needs help in some ways. Chevrolet get a little common sense for this chubby thing.


Engine- It comes with a 5.3 liter 355hp V8.

Transmission- A standard six speed automatic.

Drive-train- rear wheel drive, or part time four wheel drive.


+Big V8, good interior, lots of space.

-Bad Infotainment screen, weird trunk.

= More manly then a minivan, but needs some work.

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Subaru WRX/STI

The WRX is like the Impreza, but it is much sportier. You might think that that the Impreza is just an All Wheel Drive boring Honda Civic, but is it good enough car to have a sporty brother. This sporty brother is so well loved by car enthusiasts, that it is commonly retrofired as a street race car. Of course it drives well, and will very much please the average guy with its handling, and zippyness. Overall this is a great car, and I would definitely have this car by the top of my list if I was buying a small sports car.


-It comes with a 2.0 turbo four [268 hp], or a 2.5 turbo with [305 hp] under the hood.

-The transmissions are six speed stick, or a Continuously Variable Transmission, CVT, AKA a make you want to barf transmission.

-All the WRX’s come with All Wheel Drive, it is a Subaru.

                                                      eh, AHH

+AWD, a good sports sedan

-Doesn’t come in hatchback anymore, so not as much space

=A great AWD, well rounded enthusiasts car.



The Computer Car

When I was looking at the Washington Post this morning, I read a very interesting article about car hacks, and hackers. In this article it tells you all about how computers inside the cars, are being used to take control of the car, and do all sorts of crazy things to it. You can read this article on the front page of the Washington Post [But beware it is A little long,] or you can read it on line using the link bellow.

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