2008 Honda Fit-COTW

The 2008 Honda Fit is a good car and is very reliable. Now the one in this review is very beat up, but it holds up to lots of damage. And one thing great about this car is the radio/sound system, it is extremely effortless to operate. Generally everything in this car is simple and easy to operate. I think that this is a great car for people beginning to drive, people in the city, and just about everywhere. One thing bad about the old fit is it kind of looks like a bug, that can be a downer. As far as the capacity, the Fit can fit just about any thing you can even have eight foot two by fours from Home Depot , with room for three people. The 2008 Honda fit is a great car that can hold up to a lot, and be very cost efficient.


2015 Honda Fit

The 2015 Honda fit is all new, and on my charts has the most configurable interior in its class. The fit now has lots more standard features like a five inch touch screen, steering wheel controls, and Bluetooth to name a few. As far as the exterior is is really hit or miss, and I do like it; it grows on you. When it comes to the interior however the fit does very well because it has Honda’s magic seat, giving tons of cargo space and versatility.  

Power-train- A 1.5 liter 130 horsepower, 114 pound feet of torque  engine is the only option

Drive train- Only front wheel drive is available.

Transmission– You can get a CVT [Continuously variable transmission] with paddle shifter, or you can get a six speed manual transmission.

Price- The starting MSRP is 15,525 dollars and easily will climb over 20,000 with options

Good and Bad

+ Great fuel economy, spacious interior, new standard technology.

-Interesting exterior design, not too powerful engine.

= fuel-efficient, space-saving economy car.

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Sometimes People Are “Pushed”

When I was reading a Side by Side in the Washington post I realized that cars.com said  this in one place about the Buick Enclave “A three-person second row bench is available, expanding  seating to eight”, In another place it said that the Enclave sat seven. This is not really a mistake because it can seat seven and eight, but it did get me thinking; sometimes reviewers are “Pushed one way” [influenced in favor of a car,] and sometimes they do make mistakes. Just so you know, the cars.com “reviews” are an advertisement supplement of the Washington post, I do not know if they are pushed, but they are very positive about some cars. I am not against the Washington post car section, or cars.com, I do read it, but if you read it be aware that it is an advertisement.

   This also made me think about cosmic carz, and I want to say I am not influenced in any way. I want to make the most truthful, and accurate reviews I can. Well I guess the whole point is that some car reviewers are “pushed”. I do suggest that you read the car section of the WP, Warren Brown’s car reviews are very good. 

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