When I was surfing the internet I saw a video of the Elio, and I thought, wow that looks like a great car. Just look at it, its so cute, and it is a great idea. The Elio is a advertised as a commuter car that is cheap and good for the environment.It has two-seats, and is technically a motorcycle because it has three wheels. Unlike a motorcycle, it keeps the driver and passenger out of the weather, so you don’t have to worry about being in the rain. And it has all the features of a regular car with heat, air conditioning By downloading an app you can use your phone or iPad as a touchscreen to control temperature, navigation, and just about every thing else in the car. The designers are going for 84 miles to the gallon, and a $6,800 price, and I am hoping they will reach their goals. Elio is a start up company, they are still getting money to start production, so we don’t know when production will start but the rumor is mid 2016. As far as what I think about it overall, I really like the concept and am saving up for one,but I am not sure they will be able put it into production. Hopefully they work out all of the quirks, and start making this thing!

Go to Elios webpage to explore the elio, and even reserve one if you really like it.


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1941 Pymoth Special Delue With Odd Police Spotlight

Featured imageFeatured image

I recently saw a 1941 Plymouth  Special Deluxe and I thought it was cool, soI posted some pictures of it. This Plymouth was a little shabby, but I am pretty sure this was the last one of the line before WWI, and its not to bad for 74 years old and no restoration. Its been siting on blocks for twenty or so years, and it really needs a lot of work, but it is a nice old history filled car. Its probably been through a lot.


It has an weird spotlight that is just like the ones on police cars, so maybe it was a detective car. The only thing about that is this car was bought brand new and then passed down thorough the family. What I am thinking is it was made to be a police car but then sold to the public, or maybe it was some sort of option. Correct me if I am wrong or you have an Idea of why/how there is a spotlight.


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The Guy Who Thinks He’s Big


But he’s really not that big, just chubby at least that’s what the Tahoe looks like. There is a link below to more pictures of the Tahoe, click on it to see how chubby it is. The 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe, I recently spent ten days with this SUV,and I have formatted my opinion about it. My opinion probably would be it would be a great SUV, if the designers used a little more common sense when thinking out this car.


The Tahoe might need some common sense, but it has a very upscale FEELING to the interior. With a surprising amount of squishy surfaces, and even a soft touch dash board, that’s not commonly found in Chevy’s. Bellow the dashboard i found the big touch screen to be very challenging to use, and way to complicated. The navigation system was very hard to operate, but I am sure that if anybody could have the Tahoe for a linger time they would be able to figure it out. Inside the Tahoe also has heated front seats, from the LT trim level and above, witch is very nice, but expected in its class.

As far as its off roadyness, this chubby guy can easily handle almost any country road, as long as you get the four wheel drive option of coarse. On that dirt road while it might be a little bit bumpy, the 5.3 liter V8 will get you to point B. The engine definitely puts a little push into the pedal if you know what I mean. When you get your destination that’s when it all goes south. If you want to get your things out of the trunk then you have to hit the key fob, instead of just opening the trunk, and when it open’s you have to wait for the slow electric opener to open it. When its open It it is-int even tall enough for somebody who is six and a half feet to get stuff out of the trunk without ducking.

Well over all what do I think about the Tahoe? Its a good looking, big people mover, that needs help in some ways. Chevrolet get a little common sense for this chubby thing.


Engine- It comes with a 5.3 liter 355hp V8.

Transmission- A standard six speed automatic.

Drive-train- rear wheel drive, or part time four wheel drive.


+Big V8, good interior, lots of space.

-Bad Infotainment screen, weird trunk.

= More manly then a minivan, but needs some work.

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Subaru WRX/STI

The WRX is like the Impreza, but it is much sportier. You might think that that the Impreza is just an All Wheel Drive boring Honda Civic, but is it good enough car to have a sporty brother. This sporty brother is so well loved by car enthusiasts, that it is commonly retrofired as a street race car. Of course it drives well, and will very much please the average guy with its handling, and zippyness. Overall this is a great car, and I would definitely have this car by the top of my list if I was buying a small sports car.


-It comes with a 2.0 turbo four [268 hp], or a 2.5 turbo with [305 hp] under the hood.

-The transmissions are six speed stick, or a Continuously Variable Transmission, CVT, AKA a make you want to barf transmission.

-All the WRX’s come with All Wheel Drive, it is a Subaru.

                                                      eh, AHH

+AWD, a good sports sedan

-Doesn’t come in hatchback anymore, so not as much space

=A great AWD, well rounded enthusiasts car.



The Computer Car

When I was looking at the Washington Post this morning, I read a very interesting article about car hacks, and hackers. In this article it tells you all about how computers inside the cars, are being used to take control of the car, and do all sorts of crazy things to it. You can read this article on the front page of the Washington Post [But beware it is A little long,] or you can read it on line using the link bellow.


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Subaru Impreza

The Subaru Impreza is a good AWD compact sedan. It is not very special in many ways, but it is the only car with AWD [all wheel drive] in its class. Being a compact sedan it is very small, but the Impreza manages to have a decently spacious back seat. Also the Impreza is available in a hatchback model for more cargo space and versatility. On the outside it is kind of bland, and I hope that Subaru redesigns it in the near future. As far as the stats the Impreza is available with a five speed manual, or a CVT transmission, and a standard 2.0 liter four cylinder engine. On the road I have heard that it is very basic, and is nothing special. Overall I like the Impreza with its AWD in such a small car, but it needs a redesign soon.

+AWD,  hatchback model available and spacious back seat

-Not the best fuel economy, not a very big engine [only an 2.0 liter], outdated exterior

=A good all wheel drive car with  decent Fuel economy and not very modern styling

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The Model T, And More

The Model T was called the “car that put America on wheels” because of its cheap price tag, its rugged body, and the fact that it could easily be maintained. It is also called one of the 50 worst cars of all time because it put the world on wheels and cars pollute the world. The Model T was a  fine car, it could  go up to 40 or 45 MPH.  It had 20 horsepower which means the little engine is equivalent to the power of 20 horses. It was the first car to be built with an assembly line, which meant a factory could quickly build a lot of them. The Model T came in nine different body styles so there were a lot to choose from. You could get one as low as two hundred-sixty  dollars. Some people think the model T is an “automotive masterpiece”, and other people think about it as one of the worst cars ever built.  

Hands On the Wheel

Driving the Model T can be confusing for modern drivers, and it takes time to get used to. To get started you do not even have a key on some models. There are three pedals[an manual transmission] and none of them are the throttle; one makes you go in reverse, another pedal is the brake pedal, and the last pedal is the clutch pedal. The throttle is located on the steering column. You have to put the car in neutral to brake. The Model T can be challenging but fun to drive.

The Inventor

Henry Ford was the man who had the idea for the Model T and the founder of Ford Motor Company. He had a good background of being a machinist which helped him understand how to make cars. He was the inventor of the assembly line, which sped up the production of the Model T, and was the first person to build cars with interchangeable parts, so  really, he was an automotive genius. He was born in Greenfield Township Michigan July 30, 1863 and he died on April 7 1947.

His Son

Henry’s son Edsel Ford was like Henry and loved cars, but unlike Henry, Edsel was more of a businessman. He handled the sales, ads, and the business duties, while his father focused on designing and building the cars. Henry ford was an automotive master.Down Below is my bibliography.

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