Tesla Update-COTW

Yesterday I rode in a Tesla and I found out some more things about the car. For one it is a very powerful car, especially if you get the All Wheel Drive option. In the top of the line one, you get the insane mode. In the insane mode you accelerate very fast, and it feels like a sports car. From the passengers seat you can really tell that this car has a lot of torque. When the tesla is moving it feels like a cloud almost, it drifts along smoothly, and the top notch interior gives it an even better feel. There might not be much visibility but the 17 inch infotainment screen serves as a nice sized back up screen. The Tesla Model S is a really fantastic car, but it is a little pricy for me.


Subaru Impreza

The Subaru Impreza is a good AWD compact sedan. It is not very special in many ways, but it is the only car with AWD [all wheel drive] in its class. Being a compact sedan it is very small, but the Impreza manages to have a decently spacious back seat. Also the Impreza is available in a hatchback model for more cargo space and versatility. On the outside it is kind of bland, and I hope that Subaru redesigns it in the near future. As far as the stats the Impreza is available with a five speed manual, or a CVT transmission, and a standard 2.0 liter four cylinder engine. On the road I have heard that it is very basic, and is nothing special. Overall I like the Impreza with its AWD in such a small car, but it needs a redesign soon.

+AWD,  hatchback model available and spacious back seat

-Not the best fuel economy, not a very big engine [only an 2.0 liter], outdated exterior

=A good all wheel drive car with  decent Fuel economy and not very modern styling

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The Model T, And More

The Model T was called the “car that put America on wheels” because of its cheap price tag, its rugged body, and the fact that it could easily be maintained. It is also called one of the 50 worst cars of all time because it put the world on wheels and cars pollute the world. The Model T was a  fine car, it could  go up to 40 or 45 MPH.  It had 20 horsepower which means the little engine is equivalent to the power of 20 horses. It was the first car to be built with an assembly line, which meant a factory could quickly build a lot of them. The Model T came in nine different body styles so there were a lot to choose from. You could get one as low as two hundred-sixty  dollars. Some people think the model T is an “automotive masterpiece”, and other people think about it as one of the worst cars ever built.  

Hands On the Wheel

Driving the Model T can be confusing for modern drivers, and it takes time to get used to. To get started you do not even have a key on some models. There are three pedals[an manual transmission] and none of them are the throttle; one makes you go in reverse, another pedal is the brake pedal, and the last pedal is the clutch pedal. The throttle is located on the steering column. You have to put the car in neutral to brake. The Model T can be challenging but fun to drive.

The Inventor

Henry Ford was the man who had the idea for the Model T and the founder of Ford Motor Company. He had a good background of being a machinist which helped him understand how to make cars. He was the inventor of the assembly line, which sped up the production of the Model T, and was the first person to build cars with interchangeable parts, so  really, he was an automotive genius. He was born in Greenfield Township Michigan July 30, 1863 and he died on April 7 1947.

His Son

Henry’s son Edsel Ford was like Henry and loved cars, but unlike Henry, Edsel was more of a businessman. He handled the sales, ads, and the business duties, while his father focused on designing and building the cars. Henry ford was an automotive master.Down Below is my bibliography.

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Car of the week- Volvo V60

067The trunk of the V60

The 2015 Volvo V60 is the wagon version of the S60, and is just what you would expect from Volvo. Being a Volvo it has all the latest safety features of course but what makes this a great Volvo is the modern styling inside in out. I think that some Volvo’s are a little bit out dated, but the 60’s are very modern, and new. The only thing I don’t like about the design is the boxy dashboard. It comes with a 2.5 turbo, 2.0 liter turbo charged direct injection, and a 3.0 liter turbo engine. In the 60 line there is the S60, the sedan, the XV60, the crossover, and the S60 wagon in this review. The S60 might look good but it starts at 35,950, and can climb up a lot, it does not give you very much bang for your buck. Overall the S60 is a good safe car, but is does not have much value.

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Civic Si Sedan

The 2015 Honda Civic Si sedan is an good car but is it sporty enough to be a sports car? It does have a manual, and a fancy 205 horsepower engine, but not a Hemi. It also has all the latest technology available including Honda lane-watch, Honda My-Link, touch button start, Bluetooth, text messaging, and more. In the interior it has an exclusive Si interior [as Honda calls it,] and a very driver oriented dashboard. Of course being an Si it has all the options that marketed to be sporty car would have, such as bright red floor mats.And being a Honda it has warranty, and is probably very reliable, but is it a sports car? Now I do think it is a sports car because for one it looks like one, and its said to be one. It seems t be a good car, I have never driven it, but it is not a big time sports car so to say. I do think it is a sports car because I have heard that it drives sports car like, it is just not a big time sports car that’s all.

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