The Detroit International Auto Show!

I was able to go to the Detroit international auto show, also known as NAIAS,  I had a fantastic time and was able to see all of the new automotive advancements and redesigns for the 2017 year. Everything from the improved Honda Clarity Fuel Cell and the Toyota Prius, to the refreshed Ford Mustang, and new truck packages from Ram.

Here is a small part of the awesome show in the form of pictures, I am working on a video of the show and hopefully it will be out relatively soon, but as you can probably tell I have not been able to post recently, and I apologize for that.

DSC00581The Dodge Charger’s tail light looking really cool.

DSC00573Fords autonomous Fusion, with the lower profile sensors.

DSC005772017 Ram Power Wagon, doing some flexing.

DSC00600Everybody always wants to look at the Audi R8.

DSC00588A tricked out Toyota Sienna, proving you can be cool in a minivan.

DSC00571The new Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 available from $40,995.

DSC00575One great feature in the Ford Transit Connect is the third row vents. Usually rear vents are in the floor or the ceiling, but being in the middle is very user friendly, and fantastic for adjusting where you want the air to go.DSC00570Chevy’s Bolt has won may awards this year and is definitely the best preforming electric car for anyone without an unlimited budget.

Stay tuned for more posts I am working on others right now.

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My Christmas Wish List: Cars That Should come to the US

Here in the United States there are many cars that we cannot buy, but many times these cars sold in other country’s are fantastic vehicles I would love to purchase. So here are the cars that I would love to have in my garage.

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My Questions And Problems With Autonomous Cars

Vehicles with driver assistance technology are stopping in carwashes thinking that there is an obstruction when there is not one. This got me thinking about all of the problems driverless cars will have to face, so here is my opinion about some of the Driverless technology with some fact thrown in.

#1 What would a Driverless car do when you need to go off of a road?

There are many situations when you need to leave a road that has white lines. If you have to park in a field, drive off a road to avoid a fallen tree, or visit your grandparents at the end of a gravel driveway. How would it be possible for an autonomous car do these things? Without a mind you cannot follow the orders of go drive through the field and park by Hals car. Even if programmers could figure out a way that the car could do that, a computer would not know what to do when there is a pile of dirt blocking the way. It doesn’t have any problem solving skills. A computer is not programed to take risks because that could end up in injury’s, and then the manufacturer could be sued and would lose money. That would make the car illogical to sell. This brings me to my next point, who would be blamed.

#2 Who would be blamed when an autonomous car crashes?

It the company that made the car is at fault then the cars would eventually stop being produced, and if it was the person in the car would be blamed, well that would be wrong because all the person did was tell the car where to go. Also if that happened nobody would want to buy the car. Self driving cars pose a lot of legal problems to work out.

#3 What would a self driving car do in a “Choose” situation?

When is has to either hit a pedestrian (Who will probably Die,) or hit another car (The occupants will probably survive with injury’s.) An experienced human driver would probably choose hitting the car, but what would a self driving car do?

#4 What would a self driving car do in less than fair weather?

If you needed to go somewhere and it was snowing or heavily raining. In bad conditions the sensors may not function properly. Without sensors then the car would not be able to transport you, and then you would be stuck. When you needed to go to the store to get food, or refill your prescription, this would cause many problems for you that could end badly, especially if your neighbor also had an autonomous car. Even if the sensors could work in stormy weather, the lower ones would not work when they were covered in snow. Now we are going to go from clearing off windshields to trying to scrape ice off of sensors.

#5 What About the automobile being Hacked?

Autonomous cars can be hacked, even regular cars on the road can be hacked as featured in a very intriguing Washington Post article ( I highly recommend reading it, though it is a little time consuming, saddening, and eye-opening.) It is will be challenging to get people to give up their freedom of driving, especially since according to poll 88% of adults are worried about driverless cars. Why would somebody buy a car they are worried about. They wouldn’t, but it will be interesting to see how driverless cars turn out.

I hope this left you pondering some things about autonomous vehicles,

And if You have any answers to my questions please comment below.





Pittsburg Grand Prix 2016:Report

dsc00516A little while ago I went to the Pittsburg Grand Prix, and auto show. It is a lot of fun and I highly recommend going because not only is it fun to watch the races, but you can also walk through the vast fields of cars in Shelley park. They have a variety of cars on show from 1973 MG midgets to McLaren’s from this millennium. And on top of all that the proceeds go to charity. Here are some of the cars that caught my eye at the show.

dsc005581963 Lancia Flaminia GTL that looks great

dsc005192012 McLaren MP4-12C Coupe in a Sparkly Burnt Orange

dsc00547A Classic 1980 Dodge Colt, with white wall tires that make the car look a little oddball, but still it is a cool eighty’s car.

dsc005061916 Morris Minor Traveler Estate neatly decorated Bright yellow.

dsc00553Yellow VW Bug with a little Bug on top.

dsc00527Lastly an E Type Jaguar  in immaculate condition.

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2004 Jeep Liberty-ELTT

DSC00432The 2004 jeep liberty it a good SUV that will easily get through the harsh weather and it has held up well, over 100,000 miles. It has not needed much repair, and that is very impressive for a Chrysler product, although it has had some rust, brake troubles, and the fan only works on the highest setting. This Jeep liberty in particular is the limited edition model with heated leather seats, and a sun roof.

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Subaru XV Crosstrek-COTW

DSC00331I recently had a chance to ride around in the 2016 Subaru XV Crosstrek, and it is basically an Impresa hatchback that has been lifted up some, and has some touches that make the exterior look more off road worthy. For use as a daily driver the Crosstrek does well with its high driving position, roomy back seat, and the winter capability of Subaru’s All Wheel Drive. It can be a little underpowered for some, but it is available with a hybrid version, that has added horse power. Continue reading “Subaru XV Crosstrek-COTW”