When I was surfing the internet I saw a video of the Elio, and I thought, wow that looks like a great car. Just look at it, its so cute, and it is a great idea. The Elio is a advertised as a commuter car that is cheap and good for the environment.It has two-seats, and is technically a motorcycle because it has three wheels. Unlike a motorcycle, it keeps the driver and passenger out of the weather, so you don’t have to worry about being in the rain. And it has all the features of a regular car with heat, air conditioning By downloading an app you can use your phone or iPad as a touchscreen to control temperature, navigation, and just about every thing else in the car. The designers are going for 84 miles to the gallon, and a $6,800 price, and I am hoping they will reach their goals. Elio is a start up company, they are still getting money to start production, so we don’t know when production will start but the rumor is mid 2016. As far as what I think about it overall, I really like the concept and am saving up for one,but I am not sure they will be able put it into production. Hopefully they work out all of the quirks, and start making this thing!

Go to Elios webpage to explore the elio, and even reserve one if you really like it.


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