My Christmas Wish List: Cars That Should come to the US

Here in the United States there are many cars that we cannot buy, but many times these cars sold in other country’s are fantastic vehicles I would love to purchase. So here are the cars that I would love to have in my garage.


#1 Holden Ute SS Range Model: A 6.2 V8 engine and a Pickup bed, what more could you want. This Holden Ute has the same engine as the corvette, so that you can cruise around in a corvette, then when you get to the garden Center, and remember there is a bed behind you, you can actually take things home with you without ruining your interior. On top of all that is has all sorts of creature comforts.03_mazda6_1610-ts-1610310402042400#2 Mazda 6 Wagon: The Mazda six is an excellent sedan that handles magnificently for a midsized sedan, gets great fuel economy, and is absolutely the best looking car in its class. So a wagon model of this fantastic car would be no brainer in the US right? Who wouldn’t buy an awesome car with added practicality.  smax_blazerblue_front_0001#3 Ford S-Max: The Ford S-Max is a seven seater wagon, the Titanium Sport trim has AWD and paddle shifters, or you can get a manual Transmition with Front Wheel Drive  A good handling seven pack family hauler with a manual! That is something we don’t have in the US, but I think a  lot of car enthusiasts would much rather have this car over a Toyota Highlander Crossover. It is a little ugly though.

Comment with the car you want to come to the US!





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