Mazda 3-COTW

31    The 2016 Mazda Three is the kind of car that just makes you happy when you sit in it. Even before you get inside the beautiful interior, that would almost pass off as that of a luxury car, you are greeted by the familiar Mazda front end.

Why does it make you happy, probably because of the likability that the Mazda three has. With its superb fuel economy, stylishness, sportiness, and an available hatchback version.

2015_Mazda3_5D_s_Touring_6MT_Blue_Reflex_-32-2Mazda sure does have awesome designers, and they really seem to do their work well, because the Mazda 3 is a great looking car.

2015_Mazda3_5D_s_Touring_6MT_Blue_Reflex_-31-2Overall good job Mazda engineers, and designers, keep doing what you are doing.



Engine-You can get a SKYACTIV 2.0 liter four, with 155 Hp, and 150 lb-ft, or a 2.5 with 184 Hp, and 183 lb-ft. They are both Variable Valve timing engines, that run off of regular fuel.

Transmission- A Six speed manual or automatic with select shift.

Drive train- Front wheel drive on all models

Fuel Economy- Up to 41 MPG on the high way according to the EPA, in the sedan with the automatic, but with other configurations, you will se slightly less.

Safety-Available driver assist features include, Radar Cruise Control, Smart City brake support, Blind Spot Monitoring, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Lane Departure Warning, Adaptive front lighting, High Beam Control, and Forward obstruction warning.

Click the Link, then scroll down for a description of each of the Safety Features

eh, AHH

+Great looking car, great driving car, great practical car.

-There is no dedicated sport version to compete  in the segment with the Subaru WRX, and VW GTI

=A solid car that I would definitely consider purchasing.


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