2004 Jeep Liberty-ELTT

DSC00432The 2004 jeep liberty it a good SUV that will easily get through the harsh weather and it has held up well, over 100,000 miles. It has not needed much repair, and that is very impressive for a Chrysler product, although it has had some rust, brake troubles, and the fan only works on the highest setting. This Jeep liberty in particular is the limited edition model with heated leather seats, and a sun roof.

DSC00434A great thing about the Liberty is the interior, it is very basic, and the circle shaped door handles are very cool. They might look not very functional, but they are. A not so great thing about this SUV is that the 3.7 letter V6 engine, while it moves this Jeep along with plenty of torque, it is not fuel efficient, and gets about seventeen miles to the gallon.

What this Jeep is really marketed to do is to be used for is going through those roads less traveled, can it do that? Well…  yes, it is fine in snow or going on mild off road trails, but it is not a rock crawler without some major modifications.

One really different thing about the Liberty is that it has the window controls mounted on the center console area not on the doors, it is actually a very smart idea, but it takes some getting used to. Also there are not many cup holders. Other than that it is not much different than other SUVs in its class.It has abundant legroom, and an average trunk with plenty of room for your junk.

Overall the Jeep liberty is good for use as a work vehicle, and will get you where you want to go in a simple way.


ehh, AHH

+Simplistic design, 4WD

Mediocre mileage, has some reliability problems, not many cup holders.

=A good SUV for helping you do work, or as a winter car if you have snow or harsh weather in your area if you are ok with maybe putting some money into it down the road.

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